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Southside House Collective

Captains of their own ship and internationally acclaimed production outfit Southside House Collective

Southside House Collective was established back in 2007. It started like our recent project, Southside Recordings, just for fun. Three dj’s and good friends from the south of Sweden, got together as a way of sharing experiences, connections and mostly to do what we love – Music.

During the years we’ve made music, produced a weekly radio show, remixed different artists and traveled around the world, performing in front of loads of people in Denmark, Portugal, Spain and even Mozambique.

As for Southside Recordings, things is almost the same — we wanted to have fun and, to be honest, have an easier way of releasing our own stuff.
We soon found ourselves helping new artists, who found us easy to work with and as they say ”you guys put your hearts into it.
It’s just not business”. We couldn’t be happier about those words.

Nowadays we get requests and demos sent to us from all over the world.
To find out about artist, radio shows, remixes and own productions, just keep on browsing.
So welcome to Southside House Collective & Southside Recordings!
We sure as hell will keep on doing our thing, share our way of how we think this industry should work and be as helpful and humble as we can!
And of course keep on Dj’ing.

You are most welcome to send us demos, requests or whatever comes to mind.

//Southside House Collective & Southside Recordings

Southside Recordings

fastest rising independent label in the dance music scene.

Southside Recordings is the label of Swedish DJ’s & Producers Southside House Collective.
The label started life in 2012 as an imprint to release their own material.

Over time Southside Recordings will expand and actively sign and release quality house music from all around the globe.
Tough, electronic, cutting edge and massively effective dance floor material is what you can expect from Southside Recordings in the future!


"Technical and distinctive single that’s clearly the works of a talented crew of minds. The production is pristine and there’s enough ideas and nuances to make this release one of their most impressive to date"
- Vents Magazine


  • Viktoria Station – I’m In Heaven (Southside House Collective Remix) [Southside Recordings]
  • Southside House Collective – Read My Disco [Southside Recordings]
  • Martin Eriksson, Southside House Collective & Ellee – We Are One [Southside Recordings]
  • Southside House Collective – Trophy MMA Anthem [Southside Recordings]
  • Southside House Collective Feat. MissuM – Call Me Over [Southside Recordings]
  • Southside House Collective Feat. Gramma Funk – Off The Wall [Disco:Wax/Sony]


  • Southside House Collective & Ted Nilsson – Maximus [PitchBend Recordings]
  • Dj Pierre – Save Our World (Southside House Collective Remix) [Caus-N-ff-ct Records]
  • Ultra Naté – Free (Southside House Collective 2K13 Bootleg) [WhiteLabel]
  • Viky Red – If You Ever Feel (Martin Eriksson & Southside House Collective Remix)
  • Marcello Calvetti & Stevan Star F. Jakke Erixson – I Know How It Feels (Martin Eriksson & Southside House Collective Rmx) [Southside Rec]
  • Riverhouse Feat. Agenjay – We Are (Together) (Southside House Collective Remix) [Southside Recordings]
  • Southside House Collective Feat. St. James – Raise The Roof [Southside Recordings]


  • Loreen – Euphoria (Southside House Collective Bootleg)
  • Southside House Collective Feat. Frideli – Superstar [Pr Records]
  • Denis The Menace & Big World – Fired Up (Southside House Collective 2012 Bootleg)
  • Danny Thorn & Southside House Collective – Turn On The Radio [Pacha Recordings]
  • Southside House Collective Feat. MissuM – Six feet under (2012 Version) [PR Records]
  • Kato Feat. Jeremy Carr – Celebrate Life (Southside House Collective  Remix) [Disco:Wax/Sony]
  • Rasmus Raz Lindvall – All for love (Southside House Collective Remix) [PR Records]
  • Andalo – Eat My (Southside House Collective Remix) [Uniform Beat]
  • Emma Bates – Tonight Tonight (Southside House Collective Remix) [Uniform Beat]
  • Southside House Collective & Muff Cut Feat. St. James – Can You Feel the Love [PR Records]


  • Southside House Collective & Chris Delay Feat. Clare Elise – You and Me [PR Records]
  • Anders Nyman Feat. Steve Noble – Dirty (Southside House Collective Remix) [ANM Records]
  • Southside House Collective Feat. Cache Cache – Move Closer [PR Records]
  • Southside House Collective & Joel Smiel Feat. Peter Zimny – Saxistic [Hed Kandi]
  • Simon Kaye – Brazil (Southside House Collective Remix) [FFR Records]
  • Southside House Collective & Ted Nilsson –Hear me say [PR Records]
  • SHM Vs U2 – Save The World A Sunday (Southside House Collective Bootleg)
  • Hard Rock Sofa & St. Brothers Vs Adele – Blow Up In The Deep (Southside House Collective Mashup)


  • Salah – When The World Turns Round (iTod, Junior & J.J Remix) [GaGa Records]
  • Tim Berg, Norman Doray & Sebastien Drums – Tweet Can Lead Your Mind (Junior, iTod & J.J Mashup) [WhiteLabel]
  • Junior, iTod & J.J Feat. MissuM – I Can Lead Your Mind [PR Records]
  • iTod, Junior & J.J Feat. MissuM – Six Feet Under (WMC Mix) [PR Records]
  • Kato – Turn The Lights Off (iTod, Junior & J.J Remix) [Disco:Wax/Sony]
  • iTod Feat Alice – Burnin’ [PR Records]
  • Dada Life, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Amanda Wilson – Watchin’ Tomorrow (Junior, iTod & J.J Mashup) [WhiteLabel]


  • iTod, Junior & J.J Feat MissuM – Six Feet Under [PR Reocords]
  • Kobojsarna – Burn It To The Ground (Junior, J.J & iTod Remix) [Rebeat Music]
  • John Dahlback Vs Faithless – God Is A Pyramid (Junior Mashup) [WhiteLabel]
  • Pryda Vs Dirty South & Sebastian Ingrosso – Remember Meich (Junior Mashup) [WhiteLabel]


  • Shannon – Let the music play (Let iTod play bootleg) [WhiteLabel]
  • Richard Grey – Thrilling The Deputy (Junior & Joel Smiel Remix) [Pacha Recordings]

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