Martin Eriksson – Over (Remixes)

“Over” by Martin Eriksson is one of our most successful releases on Southside Recordings. “Over” received tremendous support from radio stations and djs around the world, including plays by Tiësto two weeks in a row on his “Club Life” podcast. Now it’s time for the remixes!

Martin Eriksson says: ”The support I got on ”Over” is unbelievable, it’s exciting and fun to see how a song can spread all across the world in such a fast pace. I got messages and comments with compliments on my song from new fans all over the world and I’m really happy and proud that people like what I do! Now the remixes are finally done and I’m very impressed of the remixers work, they complement the original in such a good way”.

Electrick Village gives the listener a high quality remix with an unbelievable bass-line in combination with a break full of emotions and mind-blowing melodies.
Danny Thorn puts his own touch on ”Over” with a funky bass-line and melodies that will turn heads wherever it will be played.
Martin Raay has created a monster with a hook that will make the dance-floor to a battlefield.

It’s a pleasure for us on Southside Recordings to release these awesome remixes!

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