Martin Eriksson feat. Jonny Rose – Crystal ball

Wouldn’t we all sometimes like to look into the future through a crystal ball and erease the past?

Martin Eriksson is a household name here at the Southside Recordings headquarter. This time Martin teamed up with Jonny Rose to create the track ‘Crystal Ball‘ with future airplays in its sight. The brilliant simplicity of the track makes us dream of all that has been and all that is to come, it let us gaze into the future!

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Pol Ayke – Skyce

From the land of wine, good food, beautiful women and romance, Southside Recordings proudly presents Pol Ayke. He’s a 29 year old DJ and producer from Paris, but he gives us a track well fit to be played at the French Riviera and the well known small island outside the coast of Spain called…….Ibiza, yes that’s the one, the dance music crazy island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Talented Pol Ayke, returns to Southside Recordings with a massive release! This time with a darker deeper sounding track, called ”Skyce”. Pol Ayke gives us some insights, into what to expect from “Skyce”
“was produced during the season of spring, thinking of the coming summer heat, the icy drinks and warm sun to the skin. All these pictures in my mind was elements that inspired me to this, fresh, dark and deeper sexy sound”.

Pol Ayke is right and we couldn’t agree more. This track breathes dark long Ibiza night’s combined with ‘Skyce’. We love it! Hope you do too…

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InTeam Radio Show 194

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 194
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  2. Federico Scavo – I Do (Federico Scavo 2016 Remix)
  3. Matador feat. Felix Da Housecat – The Enemy (Hot Since 82 Remix)
  4. Hoxton Whores – Gotta Think (Original Mix)
  5. Jayforce – Take Me (Original Mix)
  6. Seeb feat. Neev – Breathe (Nora En Pure Remix)
  7. Rene Amesz – In And Out (Original Mix)
  8. Junior Jack – E Samba 2016 (Freejak Remix)
  9. KANT – Close (Smash TV Remix)
  10. Dario Nunez & Misael Deejay – Belove (Original Mix)
  11. Robbie Rivera – Bang 2K16 (Original Mix)
  12. Prok & Fitch – Movin (Original Mix)
  13. Disclosure – Boss (Original Mix)

VA – The Third Chronicle Of Southside Recordings

VA – The Third Chronicle of Southside Recordings

  1. Danny Thorn feat. Amanda Wilson – Out Of Time (Mike Jolly Remix)
  2. Gaspar – Spooky (Original Mix)
  3. Southside House Collective & Martin Eriksson f. Jonny Rose – Headstrong (Original)
  4. Martin Eriksson feat. Freedah Soul – Welcome To Malmo (Original Mix)
  5. Jack Hodinson – Breathe (Original Mix)
  6. Southside House Collective feat. MissuM – Call Me Over (Danny Thorn Remix)
  7. Jack Hodinson – Magnet (Original Mix)
  8. Chris Heart & Robbie W – Poltergeist (Original Mix)
  9. Danny Thorn feat. Amanda Wilson – Out Of Time (Original Mix)
  10. Dario Trapani – Wish (Original Mix)
  11. Electrick Village – Cairo (Original Mix)
  12. Dario Trapani – Lose My Mind (Original Mix)
  13. Viktoria Station  – I’m In Heaven (Original Mix)
  14. Gaspar – Hold Me (Original Mix)
  15. Viktoria Station – Falling For You (Deep Radio Mix)
  16. Pol Ayke – Legend of Vedra (Dream Version)
  17. Martin Eriksson feat. Clare Elise – Goodbye (Chris Alarcon Remix)
  18. Viktoria Station – I’m In Heaven (Nada Funk Remix)
  19. Electrick Village – AIDA (Original Mix)
  20. Gramanalogue feat. Fabietto Jeffterry – Just Want It Soft (Original Mix)
  21. Gramanalogue feat. Fabietto Jeffterry – She Drives Me Crazy (Original Mix)
  22. Martin Eriksson & Southside House Collective – The Third Chronicle Mix (Mix)

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Pol Ayke – Legend of Vedra

Pol Ayke, the man behind ”Love”, returns to Southside Recordings with a massive release!

This time with a track called Legend of Vedra,
Pol Ayke says: ”It’s an ode to the Ibiza Island, the energy and the atmosphere inspired me so much. Creating this song was an awesome pleasure and I want to share it with you”.

Pol Ayke is right and we couldn’t agree more, this track breathes Ibiza and house music and we love it!

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Jack Hodinson – Breathe

Need to take a breather from mr Hodinsons last track, ”Magnet” at 130 bpms?

This time he puts the needle to a spin at 126 bpm’s, naming his track ”Breathe”. With a darker, deeper feeling, this track is intended to be a bridge when you want to move from house to progressive.
Kinda like Julien Jabre’s ”Swimming Places”. It’s a long track but somehow it keeps its interrest all the way through. And that’s not an easy thing to do.
He also makes use of the formula of 66 percent.
The drop with the piano at this point just makes it start all over again with a bang but yet subtle. Impressive. Maybe he’s a friend of mr Eric Prydz?

Jack Hodinson himself says:
”The project of Breath began with the vocal and then I created the melody and the bass line. I wanted to create something different with my own touch and style so i decided to add a piano melody in the second part of the song to give her a sort of a new dimension.”

To refer his track as ”her” makes us wonder what his lady does att 66 percent 🙂
Maybe she need’s to take a breather too?

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Supported By: PDGFM, Pelle Eriksson, Andi Durrant, Bobby Deep, Flash Brothers, George Von Liger, Neil Moore, Roman Alexandrov, Ron (Notable Dance), Adam Turner, Bo Risky, CeCe, Dj Boerni, Dj Cult, Dj Frisco, Dj Ocaso, Italian All Stars, Jerem A (FR), Johan Dahlqvist, Madrix, Martin Eriksson, Mazza & Martinelli, Thorpish, Joe Elias, Southside House Collective

In:Team Podcast & Radio Show #117

Southside House Collective – In:Team Podcast & Radio Show #117
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Southside House Collective

  1. Sandy Rivera Feat. April – Bang! (Edx’s Ibiza Sunrise Remix)
  2. Harry Romero, Doorly – The Truth (Original Mix)
  3. Alan Fitzpatrick – We Are Forever Young (Original Mix)
  4. Alex Costa, Alex Mine – Get Back (Original Mix)
  5. Pete Dorling – Palonga (Original Mix)
  6. Danny Woof – Come Down (Mr Rich Old School Vibes Remix)
  7. Mladen Tomic – Road Mess (Original Mix)
  8. Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – Rhymes
  9. Croatia Squad – Drop That Skirt (Original Mix)
  10. iTod – Barsebeck (Original Mix)
  11. Jack Hodinson – Breathe (Original Mix)
  12. Chris Heart & Robbie W – Poltergeist (Original Mix)
  13. Bart B More – Cowbell (Chocolate Puma Edit)