Pol Ayke – Love

From the land of wine, good food, beautiful women and romance, Southside Recordings proudly presents Pol Ayke. He’s a 26 year old dj and producer from Paris but he gives us a track well fit to be played at the French Riviera and the well known small island outside the coast of Spain.

The track ”Love” contains the always awesome sound of the FM8 synth that was little bit of a trademark in early productions of Axwell. And it’s no surprise since Pol Ayke, as he says is ” addicted to house music when I hear music from kings like Axwell, Eric Prydz & Steve Angello.” Clearly the inspiration is heard – rhythm, chords and melody are all there. And of course a kick like bloody hell! This, together with the bassline just keeps it moving. Please could it never end?

We asked Pol how it feels to be released on Southside Recordings. The answer?
 – “Signing on Southside Recordings is a great honor. Sweden is the land of house music, with so many awesome talents. I love the productions released by Southside Recordings and the style of the label. I’m really happy to reach this level and that Southside has trusted me.”

Clearly this guy has a lot of feelings and a big heart. Thats why he calls his track ”Love”
 – ”It’s a word I like, it reflects the sensuality, but also the ultimate power of humanity”

You gotta LOVE the French!

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Jack Hearts, Kilian Taras & Dual Dee feat. Elissa – This Feeling

SOUTH021-This-Feeling-CD-CoverTime for Southside Recordings to welcome the italian hit makers Jack Hearts, Kilian Taras & Dual Dee.
They are accompanied by the Toronto based singer/songwriter Elissa.

”The words allowed me to share my feelings with the world on a relationship that went bad in my life at the time.” – Says Elissa and gives us some insights on how the lyrics came to life.

Together they have created a huge anthem with a awesome summery feeling.
This Feeling is their debut single on Southside Recordings, with a powerful summer melody and a beautiful vocal this song gets you going for sure..!

”This Feeling started from our vision and blossomed into this wonderful team of producers putting their impact on the track.” – Said the exciting artist

Included are Frank Caro & Alemany, East Freaks, Kit Da Funk & Stay Tuned remixes, that makes this track perfect for any venue.

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Southside House Collective Feat. Gramma Funk – Off The Wall

One does not simply team up with the legendary lady Gramma Funk. But the three Swedish DJ’s & producer guys in Southside House Collective, iTod, Junior & J.J, have proven their hit-producer talents lately, and their new single ‘Off the wall’ is just released, now with the vocals of Gramma.

The track is a funky, stompin’ track that refuses to be defined by the classic rules on EDM music. It’s breaking barriers, and leaping right into a new refreshing, laid back sexy, and addictive sound.

”I see you baby – Shakin’ Dat Ass” by Groove Armada & Gramma Funk, remember that? We sure do! And the remixes from Fatboy Slim? Oh lord! From that moment on, there was no ending in her success. Films, television, compilations and commercials – the song was all over the place! We’ve teamed up with one of our idols since the dawn of time, and we’re unbeilevible proud!!” Says the exited DJ collective.

Since the beginning of the three dance music masters collaboration back in 2008, they have been on the same stage as Axwell, Avicii, Martin Solveig, David Guetta, Felix Da Housecat, Fedde Le Grand, Swanky Tunes and many more, in both their home-country as well as in Spain, Denmark, Portugal and even Mozambique.

Having played on Nova Era Beach Party, Copenhagen Beach Party & Calpe Festival venues just to name a few, they’ve also got their fair share of radio-plays, in countries like Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain and Portugal, with songs and remixes like ”Can You Feel The Love”, ”Turn On The Radio”, ”Fired Up”, ”Six Feet Under”, ”Saxistic”, ”You And Me” and ”Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”. Their releases have got support by many big names like Roger Sanchez & David Guetta, and the new single doesn’t seem to let their new hype down.

Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1qn3R6o
iTunes: http://bit.ly/1cxd3wU
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/Nvf1rz

Southside House Collective Feat. Gramma Funk – Off The Wall
Incl. Deemil, Denzal Park, Digital Militia & Electrick Village Remixes

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Rodlund & Hewie Feat. Jonny Rose – All We Have (Remixes)

Rodlund & Hewie - All We Have (Feat. Jonny Rose)“All We Have (Remixes)” is the 11th release from Southside Recordings, an amazing track from the Swedish producer duo Matt Hewie and Andreas Rodlund.

They team up with Jonny Rose who is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Together they become a unbeatable trio and “All We Have (Remixes)” will rise in the EDM world for sure.

This is “All We Have (Remixes)” you don’t need anything-els

iTunes: http://bit.ly/IWVTQP
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Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1eiWpqR

0:00-1:37 (Massiw Remix)
1:38-3:15 (Josef Bamba & Lars Aar Remix)
3:16-4:44 (Digital Militia Remix)
4:45-6:15 (B3TA Remix)
6:16-7:30 (Marcus Mouya Remix)

Supported By: Supported By: Pelle Eriksson, Radio Corsaro, Southside House Collective, Tune On Air Radio, Alexei, Andy Norman (Hed Kandi), Bobby Deep, Denis Alentieff, Des Mitchell, Dj Feel, Dj Frisco (Hit Clubbin/Splash FM Spain), Eric Morillo, Flash Brothers, Gai Barone, George Von Liger, Josef Bamba, Juicy M, Marcus Schossow, Michael C, Mike Shiver, Myon & Shane 54, NC Radio 95.1FM, Neil Moore, P-Jay, Pizza Brothers, Pro Audio USA, Ron (Notable Dance), Sezer Uysal, Something Global, Stefan Growald Interlabel, Thorpish, Agravic, Aizen, Alexander Buvac, Andy Grange, Chris Newman Jnr, Coldbeat, Daniel Farley, Dj Boerni, Dj Cobra, Dj Cult, Dj Fuel, Dj Hennessey, Dj MiXX, Dj Ocaso, Dr.K & Nii, Igor Neves, Jerem A (FR), John Rivera, Marcello Calvetti, Mariano Ballejos, Martin Bulow, Martin Eriksson, Martin Hansen, Minitronik, Mitch, Olli Sachse, Radio-Ohrwurm, Riverhouse, Roman Alexandrov, Stephen Budge, Alejandro Hidd, Dj Wayne Fleming