Pol Ayke – Skyce

From the land of wine, good food, beautiful women and romance, Southside Recordings proudly presents Pol Ayke. He’s a 29 year old DJ and producer from Paris, but he gives us a track well fit to be played at the French Riviera and the well known small island outside the coast of Spain called…….Ibiza, yes that’s the one, the dance music crazy island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Talented Pol Ayke, returns to Southside Recordings with a massive release! This time with a darker deeper sounding track, called ”Skyce”. Pol Ayke gives us some insights, into what to expect from “Skyce”
“was produced during the season of spring, thinking of the coming summer heat, the icy drinks and warm sun to the skin. All these pictures in my mind was elements that inspired me to this, fresh, dark and deeper sexy sound”.

Pol Ayke is right and we couldn’t agree more. This track breathes dark long Ibiza night’s combined with ‘Skyce’. We love it! Hope you do too…

Buy or Stream: https://SouthsideRecordings.lnk.to/PASkyce
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Supported By: Bassmonkeys, Lost Frequencies, Lost Witness, Ronnie Matthews, Bloom, Jay Foster, DJ Scratch, Freefall, Silvestro Puglia, Crispian Aldis, Funky D, Acosta Wink, Lost Code, Gleave, Lou Moreaux, Tony Ortero, Cristian Poow, Agent K, Patinbrum, Kroker’s, Homewrecker, Hit Clubbin, Mix Feed Agency, Nick Fiorucci, Andi Durrant, Don Diablo, Eddie Light, Flash Brothers, Neil Moore, Ron (Notable Dance), Something Global, Dario Trapani, Dj Cult, Fargetta, Mariano Ballejos, Mazza & Martinelli, Nico & Moritz, Ryan Janni, Thorpish, Vlad Rusu, Apek, Judge Jules, Miss Nine, Tomo Hirata, Yoel Lewis.

Földes – Red Room

We are happy to welcome Swedish DJ and producer Földes back to Southside Recordings.

“Red Room” is a energy driven Progressive House track. That Is built around a dirty pumping bassline and a well placed vocal chop. Add to this the catchy synth lead in the building break, that is gliding between the notes.

This well arranged 5-minute trip is as Földes himself put it, crafted in his “Red Room” studio. We can only imagine what will come out of this “Red Room” in the future! The impact on the dancefloor is a given, as all at Southside HQ believe!

Let us all start to use Red Room paint!

Supported By: Hit Clubbin, Mix Feed Agency, Nick Fiorucci, zipDJ, Hi-Bias, zipCAST.fm, Andi Durrant, Don Diablo, Flash Brothers, Martin Eriksson, Neil Moore, Notable Dance, Anders Lundgren, CeCe, Dj Berntsson, Dj Cult, Dj Feel, Dj Frisco (Hit Clubbin/Splash FM Spain), Dj Ross, Jerem A (FR), Joe Elias, Madrix, Marcello Calvetti, Mariano Ballejos, Mazza & Martinelli, Thorpish, APEK, Shiba Sun, Tomo Hirata, Yoel Lewis, Southside House Collective

Buy or Stream: https://SouthsideRecordings.lnk.to/RedRoom
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Martin Eriksson – Story

It’s awesome to have artists like Martin Eriksson on the label. He has a special awareness for the music and always delivers amazing tracks. This tune is definitely a big ear pleaser with uplifting piano chords. The catchy vocal intertwined with the pumping bass make you want to find this tune quick!

Let’s continue the Story on the dancefloor!

Buy or Stream: https://SouthsideRecordings.lnk.to/Story
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2m2xnVi
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Supported by: Ake Stentoft, Hit Clubbin, Mix Feed Agency, Nick Fiorucci, zipDJ / Hi-Bias / zipCAST.fm, PDGFM, Andi Durrant, Des Mitchell, Don Diablo, Flash Brothers, Foldes, George Von Liger, Joshua Brooks, Martin Eriksson, Neil Moore, Ron (Notable Dance), Something Global, Aiden Jude, Anders Lundgren, CeCe, Dj Cult, Dj Frisco (Hit Clubbin/Splash FM Spain), Dj Ross, Jerem A (FR), Joe Elias, Johan Dahlqvist, Marcello Calvetti, Mariano Ballejos, Mazza & Martinelli, Mr Styles, Rare Candy, Sunday Lovers, Thorpish, Southside House Collective, Lost Frequencies, Ron Slomowicz (Billboard), Ronnie Matthews

Alban Berisha – 24CET

DJ/Producer Alban Berisha from Kosovo returns to us for his phenomenal second release on Southside Recordings. Engraved in this track is a unbelievable driving bass line, gorgeous melodies, and crispy big synths. This is all intertwined with a bewitching atmosphere. We’re delighted to have such forward-thinking, state of the art progressive artist on our label.

Get ready for the hypnotic sound of ”Alban Berisha – 24CET”.

Buy or Stream: SouthsideRecordings.lnk.to/24cet
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2mmbq4R
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InTeam Radio Show 217

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 217
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  1. Cari Golden & Reinier Zonneveld – Things We Might Have Said (Original Mix)
  2. Nikola Gala – Komplex 1 (Jansons Remix)
  3. Supernova – Always Changing (Original Mix)
  4. Stanny Abram – Plan B (Original Mix)
  5. Joe T Vannelli – Proud And Thankful (The Deepshakerz Remix)
  6. Showa – Techno Samba
  7. Jay Lumen – Are We Clear (Original Mix)
  8. Chus & Ceballos, Dj Chus, Pablo Ceballos – Esvedra (Loco & Jam Remix)
  9. Crookers Feat. Mike City – Get My Mind Right (Way More Than A Dub Mix)
  10. Rene Amesz & Ferreck Dawn – Rosie (Extended Mix)
  11. Jesse Rose – Carnival (Original Mix)
  12. Pig&Dan – Chemistry (Original Mix)

InTeam Radio Show 215

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 215
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  1. Armand Van Helden – Eye Of The Mountain
  2. Martin Eriksson Feat. Freedah Soul – Welcome To Malmo (Mike Jolly Remix)
  3. Benny Camaro, Block & Crown – Inside My House (Original Club Mix)
  4. Pryda – The End Is Just The Beginning
  5. Kyle Watson & Popartlive – Sink Deep (Nora En Pure Club Remix)
  6. Oc & Verde – Vertigo (Original Mix)
  7. Pryda – Choo
  8. Daniel Steinberg – Rush Me (Format-B Remix)
  9. Danilo De Santo – Kepler
  10. Silvano Del Gado – On The Beats, Vol. Ii (Original Mix)
  11. Kevin Mckay – The Oooh Song (Original Mix)

InTeam Radio Show 213

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 213
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  1. Crazibiza, Discorocks, Victoria Richard – Catch You (Extended Mix)
  2. Sebjak & Kiano – Peace (Ozgur Can Remix)
  3. Enrico Sangiuliano – Moon Rocks (Original Mix)
  4. Jerry Ropero – Take Me Higher (Original Mix)
  5. Shakedown – At Night (Kid Creme Re Edit)
  6. Matthias Tanzmann – Laika (Original Mix)
  7. Sergio Fernandez – La Nueva Cuba (Original Mix)
  8. Weiss (Uk) – Heaven (Original Mix)
  9. Enrico Sangiuliano – Ghettoblaster (Original Mix)
  10. The Deepshakerz – Body Matter (Original Mix)
  11. Emanuel Satie – Come As You Are (Original Mix)
  12. Jay Lumen – Pulsar (Original Mix)

Northdans feat. Casson – Blank

Time has come to present a new artist on Southside Recordings, called ‘Northdans’.

Northdans have teamed up with the UK vocalist ”Casson” and created the song Blank. Blank is a slow electronic song with a heavy beat, dramatic strings and a vocal that will pierce your mind.

We don’t really know what’s hiding behind the mask, but we are sure there are a lot of groundbreaking ideas for new music and artistic projects.

We’re really excited to present Northdans feat. Casson and to introduce you to a song with a sound that’s different from what we have worked with in the past!

Buy or Stream: https://SouthsideRecordings.lnk.to/blank
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2e8wkR3
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Beatport: http://btprt.dj/2f8sLHH
Traxsource: http://bit.ly/2evcoGF
Tidal: http://bit.ly/2fme18S
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2fCkkIL

InTeam Radio Show 208

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 208
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  1. Yellow Hair – The Rumble (The Cube Guys Mix)
  2. Sugar Hill – Feeling For You (Sugar Hill & Wasabi Rmx)
  3. Umek – To Keep You Engaged (Original Mix)
  4. Harry Romero – Go Off (Extended Mix)
  5. Angie Stone – Wish I Didn’t Miss You (Pound Boys Stoneface Bootleg Mix)
  6. Drunken Kong – Seven Colors (Original Mix)
  7. Vakabular – Lost Ferry (Original Mix)
  8. Cirez D – The Tournament (Original Mix)
  9. Edu Imbernon & Los Suruba – Shadows Of Rigadon (Original Mix)
  10. Gramophonedzie – Funk You Up (Original Mix)
  11. Sister Bliss – Can’t Get A Man, Can’t Get A Job (Life’s A Bitch) (Pagano’s Terrace Remix)
  12. Klangkuenstler – Whistle Weapon (Original Mix)

Martin Eriksson feat. Freedah Soul – Welcome To Malmo (Remixes)

In the middle of 2014 we released ‘Welcome To Malmo’, a feel good house track with saxophones and a funky bass line by Martin Eriksson & Freedah Soul. From the beginning we knew this track was something special, and it turned out to be one of our most successful releases so far! It spread all over the world, ended up on different lists and was placed on one of Swedens most known charts called ‘Digilistan’, which resulted in plays on Swedish national radiostation P3.

Two years later it was time to let some creative artists make their own interpretation of the song and create their remixes, together with a fresh re-mastered original.

Martin Eriksson says: ‘Wow I can’t believe how good the remixes turned out to be!
It’s so cool to hear your own track turn in to something completely different from what you had in mind when you wrote the original. Me and Freedah Soul are really proud that these artists wanted to remix our song and we look forward to spread the ‘Welcome To Malmo’ song even more!’

From a modern Drum & Bass-ish remix to Tech House, Progressive House you name it, this remix pack gives you a broad variety of sounds and styles, we are very proud to give you the ‘Welcome To Malmo’ remixes and remastered version.

Buy or Stream: https://SouthsideRecordings.lnk.to/WTM-RMX
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2e80oZE
Apple Music: http://apple.co/2e4pnQw
Beatport: http://btprt.dj/2e7ZrRb
Traxsource: http://bit.ly/2eeQhkN
Tidal: http://bit.ly/2egxCX3
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2dTLv1X

InTeam Radio Show 204

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 204
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  1. Amtrac – Hold On (VIP Mix)
  2. CamelPhat – Trip (Original Mix)
  3. David Keno, Stage Rockers & Samantha Nova – I Like That (Original Mix)
  4. Detroit Swindle – In Reverse (Original Mix)
  5. Gershon Jackson – Take It Easy (Sonny Fodera & Mat.Joe Remix)
  6. Harry Romero & Alex Fioretti – Think Outside The Box (Original Mix)
  7. Isaac Tichauer – Higher Level (Bicep Remix)
  8. Flume Feat. Kai – Never Be Like You (Disclosure Remix)
  9. Prok & Fitch – Movin (Original Mix)
  10. Audiofly & Dance Spirit – Angel Eyes (Original Mix)
  11. Mash – Shooting Brake (Original Mix)
  12. Mark Knight & Lee Van Dowski – Fall Down On Lee (Original Mix)
  13. krankbrother – Circular Thing (Hot Since 82 Remix)

InTeam Radio Show 203

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 203
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  1. Boris Dlugosch – Keep Pushin (Purple Disco Machine Vox Mix)
  2. Bad Boy Bill, J Paul Getto, Milty Evans – Do Your Thing
  3. Chocolate Dice – Im An Addict (4 Ur Love) (Original Mix)
  4. Atfc – Git Yo Hands Up (Original Drum Pass)
  5. Marcus Jahn – Zenit
  6. Sal De Sol – I Want Your Soul (Club Mix)
  7. Maliblue Paunovich – Outro Lugar (Original Mix)
  8. Nile Rodgers, Carl Cox – Ohh Baby (David Tort’s Dub Tech Mix)
  9. Zsak – Time Around
  10. Ben Delay Feat. Alexandra Prince – The Boy Is Mine (Mark Lower Remix)
  11. Atfc Ft. Hannah Williams – No Victim Song

InTeam Radio Show 201

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 201
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  1. Croatia Squad – The D Machine (Illusionize & Visage Music Remix)
  2. Bolier – Ipanema (Extended Mix)
  3. Adriatique & Marc Romboy – Atlas (Adriatique Remix)
  4. Rene Amesz & Ferreck Dawn – Lord Original Mix
  5. Morgan Page feat. Lissie – The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix)
  6. Kurd Maverick – The Rub (Tube & Berger vs. Juliet Sikora Remix)
  7. Adrian Hour – Like This (Original Mix)
  8. Julien Jabre – Swimming Places (Sebastian Ingrosso Re-Edit)
  9. Eric Sneo – Out Of Step (Original Mix)
  10. Landmark – Unbreakable (Original Mix)
  11. Vangelis Kostoxenakis – Lovair (Original Mix)
  12. Joseph Capriati & Oliver – Terra (Joseph Capriati Remix)

InTeam Radio Show 200

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 200
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  1. Rene Amesz & Ferreck Dawn – Lord (Original Mix)
  2. Vangelis Kostoxenakis – My House (Original Mix)
  3. Kurd Maverick – The Rub (Tube & Berger Vs. Juliet Sikora Remix)
  4. Adrian Hour – Like This (Original Mix)
  5. Landmark – Unbreakable (Original Mix)
  6. Eric Sneo – Out Of Step (Original Mix)
  7. Afro Medusa – Pasilda (Siege Extended Remix)
  8. Joseph Capriati & Oliver – Terra (Joseph Capriati Remix)
  9. Federico Scavo Feat. Meme – Poseidon (Original Mix)
  10. Martin Waslewski – Clouds (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
  11. Vangelis Kostoxenakis – Lovair (Original Mix)
  12. Illyus & Barrientos – Strings (Camelphat Remix)

InTeam Radio Show 199

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 199
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  1. The Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Funkerman Mix)
  2. Black Legend Project & Absolut Groovers – Disco Revolution (Original Mix)
  3. David Penn & Hosse Feat. Africa G. – Con Son (K- Style & Carlos Perez Remix)
  4. Dennis Cruz – New Life
  5. Camelphat – It Is What It Is
  6. Riva Starr & Romanthony – Nite Like This (Original Mix)
  7. Umek – Revisit The Preposterous (Original Mix)
  8. Raumakustik – Logic (Original Mix)
  9. Alex Augello – Samba Bamba
  10. Adrian Hour – That’s It (Original Mix)
  11. Sven Väth – Robot (Kölsch Remix)


InTeam Radio Show 198

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 198
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  1. Jesse Rose & Weiss Uk – Oh, Like This, Ok
  2. Filterheadz – Flying Colours (Original Mix)
  3. Enzo Siffredi – Music (Original Mix)
  4. Edx – Goombah (Original Mix)
  5. Dennis Cruz – Departure
  6. Aeroplane & Purple Disco Machine – Sambal (Extended Mix)
  7. Black Legend Project & Absolut Groovers – Disco Revolution (Original Mix)
  8. David Penn & Hosse Feat. Africa G. – Con Son (Original Mix)
  9. Dennis Cruz – New Life
  10. Moonbootica – Above Your Trouble
  11. Saison – Do You
  12. Umek – Revisit The Preposterous (Original Mix)
  13. Raumakustik – Logic (Original Mix)

Mark Voyst – Libra

Mark Voyst is a aspiring producer born in 1990 that is living his dream of producing music. At an early age, like most youths in the 90’s, he got exposed to Daft Punk’s magic and after seeing David Guetta, Joachim Garraud and Antoine Clamaran Mark started to build his own beats. Mark gets his inspiration and dedication from the White Island of Ibiza and the productions of Hardwell, David Guetta, Laidback Luke and Fedde Le Grand.

Mark’s first release on the Swedish imprint Southside Recordings is called ‘Libra’. Libra is a progressive banger aimed for the arena crowed.

Mark says: ‘I started working on Libra just after my birthday. At the beginning I only had the idea of the breakdown and then I decided to make a powerful groovy drop. Why the namne ‘Libra’? I decided to choose a name connected to my birthday.’

Google Play: http://bit.ly/29P2ufN

InTeam Radio Show 196

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 196
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  1. Robbie Rivera Feat. Shawnee Taylor – Falling Deeper
  2. Gabriel Ben – Detroit 500
  3. Pete & The Fox – Interferon (Original Club Mix)
  4. Technasia – Obsession (Hombre Lowdown French Kissed Edit)
  5. Juan Diaz & Dave Rius feat. Oscar Portugues – Pura Raza (Robbie Rivera Rmx)
  6. Carlo Ruetz – Sol (Stefano Noferini Re-Edit)
  7. Mario Ochoa – Secrets (Original Mix)
  8. Dario Nunez – Banga
  9. Michel Cleis & Klement Bonelli Ft. Martin Wilson – Marvinello (Original Mix)
  10. Chus & Ceballos, Adrian Hour – Beat Pirates
  11. Apres – Chicago (Roger Sanchez Remix)

InTeam Radio Show 195

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 195
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  1. Erick Morillo & Junolarc – This Is How We Do It (Extended Mix)
  2. Yves Larock – Zookey (Sergio Flores Remix)
  3. KANT – Close (Smash TV Remix)
  4. Dario Nunez & Misael Deejay – Belove (Original Mix)
  5. EDX – Roadkill (EDX’s Ibiza Sunrise Remix)
  6. Prok Fitch – Movin (Original Mix)
  7. The Reactivitz & Spartaque – Techno Home (Original Mix)
  8. Disclosure – Boss (Original Mix)
  9. Superlover – The Talking Machine (Original Mix)
  10. Krankbrother – Circular Thing (Hot Since 82 Remix)
  11. Matt Smallwood – KEEP PUSHIN’ (Rene Amesz Remake)
  12. ANNA – Odd Behaviour (Original Mix)

Matt Hewie & B3TA feat. Jonny Rose – Seeing Visions

Swedish dance-music producer Matt Hewie have reached fantastic success with earlier releases like Bird, All We Have and The Moose. The last one have streamed over FOUR million times on Spotify and reached several Top 20 positions including World Dance Top 30, iTunes Dance Chart and Scandinavian Dance Chart.

Together with B3TA, that took the whole industry by storm through their own successful version of Kim Cesarions ‘Undressed’, they’ve remixed a whole lot of different artists.

This is their second co-produced original track they’ve done together. Now with the powerful vocals from Jonny Rose, released on the Swedish imprint Southside Recordings.

With previous documented support from the likes of Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Judge Jules, David Guetta, Alex Gaudino, VINAI, Chris Kaeser, Antoine Clamaran, Eric Morillo, Marco V, Tritonal, Markus Schulz, Ron Carroll, Dj’s From Mars, Juicy M, Tristan Garner, Stonebridge, Pedro Del Mar, Marcus Schossow and Joachim Garraud we hope this one truly blows peoples minds and climb charts worldwide!

Buy or Stream: https://SouthsideRecordings.lnk.to/SeeingVisions
iTunes: http://apple.co/1su6lGH
Beatport: http://btprt.dj/24t28P7
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/212PJ3F
Tidal: http://bit.ly/22IOY1f
Google Play: http://bit.ly/1U3K23y
Groove: http://bit.ly/22IP8pg
Deezer: http://bit.ly/1TWa6kg
Juno Download: http://bit.ly/1VHxQYA
Traxsource: http://bit.ly/1U9bOgn
Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1U9b5Md

InTeam Radio Show 191

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 191
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  1. The XX – Intro (David Grimmer Remix)
  2. Konstantin Yoodza & Jacob M – Audio Damage (Original Mix)
  3. Quentin Rodriguez & Koen Groeneveld – Disco Extravaganza (Original Mix)
  4. Alex Kenji & Federico Scavo – Desert (Original Mix)
  5. Nina Simone – Sinnerman (Sharam Jey & Jon Sine Edit)
  6. Alex Costa – Semangka (Original Mix)
  7. Deepdisco – Dongle (Original Mix)
  8. Lauer & Canard feat. Max Williams – Be My Love (Original Mix)
  9. Max Demand & Jay Lumen – Say What (Original Mix)
  10. Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djinns (Houselementz Remix)
  11. Jerome Robins & Jonathan Rosa – Colombia (Original Mix)
  12. Tony Puccio – Agent 13 (Original Mix)

InTeam Radio Show 189

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 189
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  1. Danny Daze – Swim (Original Mix)
  2. KlangKuenstler – Jam Master Jack (Original Mix)
  3. David Keno – Moonshine (Original Mix)
  4. DJ PP, Jack Mood – The Key (Original Mix)
  5. Marco Lys – Evathing (Original Mix)
  6. Mat.Joe – Nighthawk (Dosem Remix)
  7. Nora En Pure & Sons Of Maria – Sleeping In My Bed (Original Mix)
  8. Sted-E & Hybrid Heights – Flauta y Ritmo (Robbie Rivera Remix)
  9. Eats Everything – Monegros (Original Mix)
  10. Yass – When Doves Cry (Yass Main Mix)
  11. DINKS – Turn Around (2016 Rework)
  12. Antoine Clamaran, DJ Dan – The Way It Feels (Original Mix)

Danny Thorn feat. Jonny Rose – Together In The End

With his nine impressive releases/remixes on our label, Danny Thorn is no newcomer to Southside Recordings.

Danny Thorn – ‘I believe that the longer you have been into making music, the more effort you want to put in every track. You always put up new goals and want to deliver a package, as good as possible.’

Still buzzing after his E.P, ‘Louder Than Words’, Danny Thorn returns to Southside Recordings for yet another original production with non other than Mr Jonny Rose on vocals. This time Thorn created a banging, vocal house monster, that will make your feet move and shoulders roll.

So grab a copy, play it loud & let’s get ‘Together in the End’

Buy or Stream: https://SouthsideRecordings.lnk.to/TITE
iTunes: http://apple.co/1SIl9rm
Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1UrQrYa
Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1WCqxB1
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/24irhkP
Deezer: http://bit.ly/1WCqGVb
Google Play: http://bit.ly/1rqP7cv
Groove: http://bit.ly/23iMK7z

Danny Thorn – Momentum

Following up on the release of ‘Louder Than Words’ Danny Thorn is back at it with a huge progressive, shoulder rolling monster called “Momentum”.

With ‘Momentum’ he turns his head to the groovier side of dance music, for that summer and festival energy which is right around the corner.

Danny Thorn continues to impress with his big variety and different production styles.
Stay tuned and watch out what Danny Thorn has in store for us.

Until then, grab your copy of ‘Momentum’ and PLAY IT LOUD!

Early support from: Nick Fiorucci, Ricky Ric (Bn4ia), Alexei, Andi Durrant, Dannic, Dave Pearce (A&R Dan Slipper), Flash Brothers, Foldes, Gregor Salto, JJ Romero, Marco V, Martin Eriksson, Neil Moore, Paul Van Dyk, Physical Phase, Pro Audio USA, Ron (Notable Dance), Something Global, Bo Risky, CeCe, Dj Cult, Dj Feel, Mazza & Martinelli, Thorpish, Southside House Collective

Buy or Stream: https://SouthsideRecordings.lnk.to/Momentum
iTunes: http://apple.co/1VEuM0a
Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1UpqcCm
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1UlmGZ5
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1SCWkNj
Deezer: http://bit.ly/1TiWU2K
Groove: http://bit.ly/1TiX2PM
Google Play: http://bit.ly/23cIN44
Tidal: http://bit.ly/1NFqvXn
Juno: http://bit.ly/1r1yt2A
Traxsource: http://bit.ly/24oNL00

InTeam Radio Show 186

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 186
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  1. Joan Reyes – Shakedown (Bass Kleph Remix)
  2. Mr Blink – Gecko (Original Mix)
  3. Uto Karem – Body Move (Original Mix)
  4. Fanatical Groove 5.0 – Retrospective (T. Tommy & Carlos Garcia Edit Mix)
  5. Gregor Wagner, Karl Frierson – Talking About House (Mario Da Ragnio Remix)
  6. Pirupa Pigi – Sweet Devil (Original Mix)
  7. Dirty Harris – Deja Vu (Original Mix)
  8. Dj Fist – Tic Tac (Milton Channels Remix)
  9. Mark Knight – Devil Walking (Original Club Mix)
  10. Funkerman – Brooklyn In Da House (Original Mix)
  11. Pharrel Williams & Uffie – Add Suv (Armand Van Helden Vocal Remix)
  12. Saeed Younan – Backroom Honey (Original Mix)

Pol Ayke – Pyla

Pol Ayke, the man behind ‘Love’ and ‘Legend of Vedra’, returns to Southside Recordings with a new release called ‘Pyla’!

Pol Ayke says: It’s a great pleasure coming back to Southside, the music I sign with them is always special and means a lot to me. This track was made with inspiration from my nostalgic young memories, holidays with my family when I was a child and youth memories with my best friends. It’s an ode to the beautiful places in the west coast of France, the atmosphere has inspired me so much during all my life. Just by creating this song, it feels like I’m going back to my roots.

Buy or Stream: https://SouthsideRecordings.lnk.to/Pyla
iTunes: http://apple.co/1pdwZRO
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1NyTxTj
Deezer: http://bit.ly/1VfTfbX
Google Play: http://bit.ly/20T7GlR
Groove: http://bit.ly/1U4kg0z
Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1rdV10W
Traxsource: http://bit.ly/1Si0ERW
TIDAL: http://bit.ly/26crxjT
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InTeam Radio Show 184

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 184
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  1. Steve Lawler Vs. Tim Green – Kalimba Old Sunshine (Nic Fanciulli Edit)
  2. David Ortega – Liquid Shot
  3. Umek – I Gotta Keep On You Gotta Keep On (Original Mix)
  4. Oxia – Domino (Original Mix)
  5. Dj Tonio – Queen (Anna Remix)
  6. Raffaele Rizzi – Skynet (Chus Ceballos Remix)
  7. Basti Grub, Natch & Dothen – Oh Baby Dance (Original Mix)
  8. Gorgon City Feat. Vaults – All Four Walls (Terrace Dub)
  9. Mendo – Dont Hold Back (Chus Ceballos Remix)
  10. Tini Garcia – Believe (Original Mix)
  11. Carl Cox – Your Light Shines On (Original Mix)
  12. Nicole Moudaber – Move A Little Closer
  13. Ahmet Kilic – Endless Summer (Eyup Celik Remix)
  14. Milk & Sugar Ft. Nomfusi – Heat (Calippo Remix)

InTeam Radio Show 183

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 183
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  1. Cirez D vs Calvin Harris & Disciples – How Deep Is On Off (Alex Sandier Mashup)
  2. Emanuel Satie – Come As You Are (Original Mix)
  3. Mark Knight, Lee Van Dowski – Fall Down On Lee (Original Mix)
  4. Mark Knight – In The Pocket (Original Mix)
  5. Maceo Plex – Solar Detroit (Original Mix)
  6. Darius Syrossian – Hanns Trippy (Cuartero Remix)
  7. Hannah Wants Feat Kristine W – Just (Original Mix)
  8. Danny Tenaglia – Dibiza (D-Unity’s Tribal Mix)
  9. Eden Prince & Basement Jaxx – Mermaid Of Bahia
  10. Robbie Rivera – Feel This (Robbie Rivera’s Tribal Sessions Mix)
  11. Michael Woods -Take My Love
  12. Michael Feiner & Axwell – Mantra (Axwell Cut)
  13. Charles Ramirez, Luca M, Just2 – Up & Down (Original Mix)

InTeam Radio Show 182

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 182
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  1. Fluxkid Feat. Lisa B – Lay Your Love (Original Mix)
  2. Noah Neiman Feat. Adam Mcinnis – Borrow (Extended Mix)
  3. Nicolas Jaar – El Bandido (French Government Edit)
  4. Rudimental Feat. Ed Sheeran – Lay It All on Me (Sultan + Shepard Remix)
  5. Dele Sosimi & Afrobeat Orchestra – Too Much Information (Rainy City Music Version)
  6. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Downtown
  7. Milk & Sugar Feat. Maria Marquez – Canto Del Pilon (Original Mix)
  8. Jerome Robins & Chris Vench – Gin & Juice (Frey Remix)
  9. Frey – Just A Lil Bit (Original Mix)
  10. Icona Pop – Someone Who Can Dance
  11. Patrick Topping, Green Velvet – When Is Now (Original Mix)
  12. Mr. Bootsauce, Stu G – Party People (Original Mix)
  13. Noir – Night Walkers (Original Mix)
  14. Kryder & Cid – Chunk (Freakin Edit)
  15. NOMNOM – OK (Extended Mix)


InTeam Radio Show 181

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 181
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  1. Robosonic Feat. Stag – Wurd (Original Mix)
  2. Birdy – Keeping Your Head Up (Don Diablo Remix)
  3. Patrolla Vs. Adamski Feat. Seal – Killer (Moti Remix)
  4. Otto Knows feat. Lindsey Stirling & Alex Aris – Dying For You (David K. Remix)
  5. Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup – From Me To You (Original Mix)
  6. Kryder & Cid – Chunk (Freakin Edit)
  7. Antoine Clamaran, Agua Sin Gas – Freak It (Original Mix)
  8. Martin Garrix – Poison (Extended Mix)
  9. Alesso – Clash (Corey James Bootleg)
  10. Sander Van Doorn – Cuba Libre (Extended Mix)
  11. Sons Of Maria – Fuchur (Original Mix)
  12. Max Vangeli, Flatdisk – Blow This Club (Original Mix)
  13. Tom & Jame Vs. Kygo Vs. Dannic – Find You Firestone (Holl & Rush Mashup)
  14. Dzeko & Torres Feat. Alex Joseph – Home (Club Edit)
  15. Axwell – Barricade (Club Mix)
  16. Fedde Le Grand, Merk & Kremont – Give Me Some (Extended Mix)
  17. Adam Rickfors – Keep On Moving (Original Mix)