InTeam Radio Show 188

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 188
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  1. Martin Eriksson & Freedah Soul – Friday
  2. Martin Eriksson – Stranger (Original Mix)
  3. Danny Thorn Feat. Jonny Rose – Together In The End (Original Mix)
  4. Martin Eriksson Feat. Clare Elise – Goodbye (Alban Berisha Remix)
  5. Danny Thorn – Nombor Enam (Original Mix)
  6. Danny Thorn Feat. Amanda Wilson – Out Of Time (Martin Eriksson Remix)
  7. Southside House Collective & Muff Cut Feat St. James – Can You Feel The Love
  8. Agravic – Whiplash (Original Mix)
  9. Danny Thorn – Momentum (Original Mix)
  10. Martin Eriksson Feat. Freedah Soul – Welcome To Malmo (Original Mix)
  11. Rodlund & Hewie – The Moose (Original Mix)
  12. Martin Eriksson – Grov (Original Mix)
  13. Martin Eriksson – Over (Electrick Village Remix)
  14. Electrick Village – Cairo (Original Mix)
  15. Southside House Collective Feat. Jonny Rose – Come Back To Me (Club Mix)
  16. Danny Thorn  Mike Jolly & Alex Marsh Feat. Jasmine Hope – Bad Attitude (Original Mix)
  17. Denis The Menace & Big World – Fired Up (Southside House Collective 2012 Bootleg)
  18. Southside House Collective Feat Gramma Funk – Off The Wall (Original Mix)
  19. Rodlund & Hewie – Legends (Original Mix)
  20. Alban Berisha Feat. Juliet Lyons – Love Without Limits (Original Mix)
  21. Southside House Collective feat. MissuM – Call Me Over (Danny Thorn Remix)
  22. Marcello Calvetti & Stevan Star Feat. Jakke Erixson – I Know How It Feels (B3Ta Remix)
  23. Jack Hearts  Kilian Taras & Dual Dee Feat. Elissa – This Feeling (Frank Caro & Alemany Remix)
  24. Southside House Collective & Martin Eriksson feat. Jonny Rose – Headstrong (Original Mix)
  25. Rodlund & Hewie Feat. Jonny Rose – All We Have (Josef Bamba & Lars Aar Remix)
  26. Gaspar – At Midnight (Original Mix)
  27. Southside House Collective – Read My Disco (Original Mix)

InTeam Radio Show 176

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 176
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  1. Gaspar – At Midnight (Original Mix)
  2. Natema & Saccao – Run Away (Original Mix)
  3. Jus Jack – Stargazing (Original Mix)
  4. Danny Thorn, Mike Jolly & Alex Marsh feat. Jasmine Hope – Bad Attitude (Original Mix)
  5. EDX – Belong (Extended Mix)
  6. Vicetone – Catch Me (Extended Mix)
  7. Southside House Collective & Martin Eriksson feat. Jonny Rose – Headstrong (Agravic Remix)
  8. Mauro Picotto – Lifeblood (Original Mix)
  9. Luca M, JUST2, Vzorov – Rock It (Stefano Noferini Re-Edit)
  10. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano – Horny Bounce (Original Mix)
  11. The Cube Guys & Chuckie – Twisted (Original Mix)
  12. NEW_ID & First Day Feat. IVAR – Show Me (Original Mix)
  13. Simon De Jano, Still Young, Madwill – Temptation (Club Edit)
  14. Thomas Feelman – Touch Faith

InTeam Radio Show 175

Southside House Collective – InTeam Radio Show 175
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  1. Southside House Collective & Martin Eriksson Ft. Jonny Rose – Headstrong (Gaspar Remix)
  2. Eric Prydz – Opus (Four Tet Remix)
  3. Dennis Ferrer – Sinfonia Della Notte
  4. De’lacy – Hideaway (Return Of The Jaded Remix)
  5. Martin Eriksson – Stranger (Original Mix)
  6. Jorge Monita & Conqui Selection – Pump The Party (Original Mix)
  7. Vanilla Ace & Adam Baum – Crossover (Original Mix)
  8. Pan-Pot – Optimistic Grey (Extrawelt Dub)
  9. Cid – No! (Extended Mix)
  10. Mark Knight, Cevin Fisher – Rocket Man (Original Mix)
  11. Alban Berisha Feat. Juliet Lyons – Love Without Limits (Original Mix)

Southside House Collective & Martin Eriksson feat. Jonny Rose – Headstrong (Remixes)

The successful track ‘Headstrong’ by Southside House Collective & Martin Eriksson feat. Jonny Rose received a massive support from artists and radio stations around the world, for example plays on Blasterjaxx ‘Maxximize on Air’ podcast and chart positions on the Swedish national chart P3’s ‘Digilistan’ (consisting of the most popular tracks in Sweden).

Now it’s time to give you the remixes…

Agravic, the Swedish duo that continuously delivers high quality tracks perfect for the dance floors. No exception this time, they made a powerful remix with melodic breaks and massive drops.
Gaspar, the Greece’s most funky house duo. When you listen to their disco interpretation of Headstrong, we promise you will not be able to keep your feet’s still. The funky house is back!
Danny Thorn, the Swedish artist whose melodies is the sound of pure love. Danny takes the listener on a journey through space and time. Perfect tempo, perfect melodies and a perfect remix.
Mike Jolly, are you a fan of funky bass lines? Then the remix of Mike Jolly is right for you! This will be the djs weapon to bring the right feeling to the party.
Alban Berisha, a modern sound, an original melody, a remix with a mix between pop- and club music. Powerful drums and powerful melodies, this goes out to all the commercial house lovers!

Southside Recordings are proud to present the remix release of the Headstrong hit and we have only one thing to say, these remixes are just what the original deserves!

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Gaspar – At Midnight

By now, you most likely know Gaspar and their killer recipe of funky house! Gaspar consist of 2 djs/producers located in Thessaloniki, Greece, DJ Kid Stretch & 70th Floor. If the economy in Greece would be as good as Gaspars music, we would probably be asking Greece for a loan.

Gaspar – At Midnight is a masterpiece that won’t disappoint you. Its bongo clashing rhythmic sounds, inspired by the organic house sound, makes it impossible to keep your hips from moving. At Midnight is somehow simple but still amazing with the funky bassline-hook combined with the ‘wah wah’ guitar and a well laid vocal. This track brings us back to the 70’s discos,


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VA – The Third Chronicle Of Southside Recordings

VA – The Third Chronicle of Southside Recordings

  1. Danny Thorn feat. Amanda Wilson – Out Of Time (Mike Jolly Remix)
  2. Gaspar – Spooky (Original Mix)
  3. Southside House Collective & Martin Eriksson f. Jonny Rose – Headstrong (Original)
  4. Martin Eriksson feat. Freedah Soul – Welcome To Malmo (Original Mix)
  5. Jack Hodinson – Breathe (Original Mix)
  6. Southside House Collective feat. MissuM – Call Me Over (Danny Thorn Remix)
  7. Jack Hodinson – Magnet (Original Mix)
  8. Chris Heart & Robbie W – Poltergeist (Original Mix)
  9. Danny Thorn feat. Amanda Wilson – Out Of Time (Original Mix)
  10. Dario Trapani – Wish (Original Mix)
  11. Electrick Village – Cairo (Original Mix)
  12. Dario Trapani – Lose My Mind (Original Mix)
  13. Viktoria Station  – I’m In Heaven (Original Mix)
  14. Gaspar – Hold Me (Original Mix)
  15. Viktoria Station – Falling For You (Deep Radio Mix)
  16. Pol Ayke – Legend of Vedra (Dream Version)
  17. Martin Eriksson feat. Clare Elise – Goodbye (Chris Alarcon Remix)
  18. Viktoria Station – I’m In Heaven (Nada Funk Remix)
  19. Electrick Village – AIDA (Original Mix)
  20. Gramanalogue feat. Fabietto Jeffterry – Just Want It Soft (Original Mix)
  21. Gramanalogue feat. Fabietto Jeffterry – She Drives Me Crazy (Original Mix)
  22. Martin Eriksson & Southside House Collective – The Third Chronicle Mix (Mix)

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Gaspar – Hold Me

Gaspar (we still don’t know what that means) is all about disco.
Their previous track ”Spooky” had lots of horns and that typical 70’ies feeling.

Hold Me is still disco, but this time they have implemented some analog classic synths.
”Sexbomb” by Tom Jones immediately comes to mind, but instead of his fat voice,
Gaspar uses a ”big, fat mama”. At least it sound like that 🙂

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In:Team Podcast & Radio Show #146

Southside House Collective – In:Team Podcast & Radio Show #146
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Southside House Collective

  1. Doorly – Its About The Music Man (Original Mix)
  2. Mark Fanciulli – 8 Track (Terrace Mix)
  3. Harry Romero & Joeski – El Agua (Original Mix)
  4. Breach Vs Ron Costa – Jack (Nelly Bootleg)
  5. Matt Lange – Nice Shades, Wasley
  6. Pete Sabo – Pressure Original Mix
  7. Harry Romero-Tania (Riva Starr Remix)
  8. Robbie Rivera – Float Away (Robbie Rivera’s Tribal Anthem Mix)
  9. Gaspar – Hold Me (Original Mix)
  10. Pol Ayke – Legend Of Vedra (Original Mix)
  11. Todd Terry & The Gypsymen – Babarabatiri (Copyright Remix)