Földes – Red Room

We are happy to welcome Swedish DJ and producer Földes back to Southside Recordings.

“Red Room” is a energy driven Progressive House track. That Is built around a dirty pumping bassline and a well placed vocal chop. Add to this the catchy synth lead in the building break, that is gliding between the notes.

This well arranged 5-minute trip is as Földes himself put it, crafted in his “Red Room” studio. We can only imagine what will come out of this “Red Room” in the future! The impact on the dancefloor is a given, as all at Southside HQ believe!

Let us all start to use Red Room paint!

Supported By: Hit Clubbin, Mix Feed Agency, Nick Fiorucci, zipDJ, Hi-Bias, zipCAST.fm, Andi Durrant, Don Diablo, Flash Brothers, Martin Eriksson, Neil Moore, Notable Dance, Anders Lundgren, CeCe, Dj Berntsson, Dj Cult, Dj Feel, Dj Frisco (Hit Clubbin/Splash FM Spain), Dj Ross, Jerem A (FR), Joe Elias, Madrix, Marcello Calvetti, Mariano Ballejos, Mazza & Martinelli, Thorpish, APEK, Shiba Sun, Tomo Hirata, Yoel Lewis, Southside House Collective

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Martin Eriksson feat. Freedah Soul – Welcome To Malmo (Remixes)

In the middle of 2014 we released ‘Welcome To Malmo’, a feel good house track with saxophones and a funky bass line by Martin Eriksson & Freedah Soul. From the beginning we knew this track was something special, and it turned out to be one of our most successful releases so far! It spread all over the world, ended up on different lists and was placed on one of Swedens most known charts called ‘Digilistan’, which resulted in plays on Swedish national radiostation P3.

Two years later it was time to let some creative artists make their own interpretation of the song and create their remixes, together with a fresh re-mastered original.

Martin Eriksson says: ‘Wow I can’t believe how good the remixes turned out to be!
It’s so cool to hear your own track turn in to something completely different from what you had in mind when you wrote the original. Me and Freedah Soul are really proud that these artists wanted to remix our song and we look forward to spread the ‘Welcome To Malmo’ song even more!’

From a modern Drum & Bass-ish remix to Tech House, Progressive House you name it, this remix pack gives you a broad variety of sounds and styles, we are very proud to give you the ‘Welcome To Malmo’ remixes and remastered version.

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Alban Berisha feat. Juliet Lyons – Love Without Limits

DJ/Producer Alban Berisha from Kosovo returns to Southside Recordings with a beautiful piece of art, a progressive house tune called ‘Love Without Limits’. This feel good track is inspired by Alban’s love for Trance music and artists such as Armin Van Buuren, Serge Devant, Pryda among others. Alban explains that by playing many gig the last few years he got into the musics more deeper melodic sounds and trancy vocals.

We asked Alban how this track came to life, Alban explains ‘Firstly I received the vocal from Juliet Lyons for a completely different EDM track I made, but when I heard the vocal I completely changed direction and went for a more progressive trancy sound. The vocal from Juliet was so inspiring and relaxing and I really enjoyed working with it’.

After remixing Martin Eriksson’s ‘Goodbye’, Alban was really satisfied with the work Southside Recordings did and now he looking forward to release his original track on the label.

We welcome Alban Berisha and are looking forward to hear what the future has to bring.

Preview, Buy or Stream: https://SouthsideRecordings.lnk.to/LWL
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Földes feat. Freedah Soul – Sky

Swedish DJ and producer Földes has more than eight years of experience behind the decks. During that time, he’s made a name for himself in the Swedish club scene and honed his DJ skills. Now, he’s assembled all of his experience into his debut single “Sky”.

Földes’ debut is something out of the ordinary – a downtempo acid-inspired track, crafted together with the talented singer-songwriter and producer Freedah Soul. The song started out as an instrumental with a catchy synth riff, but found its true purpose after merging with Freedah Soul’s gutsy topline. With a retro bass line, hard hitting drum fills and vocals with attitude, this track will stay in your mind for a long time.

The release comes packed with two smashing remixes, showcasing both artists’ individual styles: A rhythmic, latin-inspired remix by Freedah Soul, and a high-energy, progressive house remix by Földes.

The Sky’s the limit.

Buy or Stream: https://SouthsideRecordings.lnk.to/Sky
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