Marcus Sjöstrand – Where The Hurt Got No End

Do you want to catch that summer vibe? Look no further!
Southside Recordings proudly presents Marcus Sjöstrand and the pop-beat ‘Where The Hurt Got No End‘. The song is full of energy and is inspired by U2 and Swedish House Mafia, a combination that creates a flawless harmony between guitars and choirs that will make you listen to the track over and over again.

The producers explains how the song was born:
‘W​e came up with the hook for the chorus and that sounded more like EDM House, so we had to find a way to combine the two different ideas into one. More guitars and a more rock sounding kick drum mixed with typical Swedish House Mafia-like lead synths. We were surprised by how well Rock and EDM go together. Perhaps it’s because of the same energy.
Then came Marcus Sjöstrand and his vocals glued the pieces together like magic’

The powerful beat is produced by Nina Åkerlund and Raffe Bergwall from Brave Music Sweden.
Vocals by Marcus Sjöstrand, known from Melodifestivalen and on guitar Niklas Rollgard.

Get those dancing shoes on and catch that summer vibe!

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